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In order to get a good Google rank, can you tell me
10 things I should do
10 things I should not do

Re: 10 things I should do / 10 things I should not do

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The best thing you can do for your Google page rank is to get as many
in-bound links to your site as you can. That means getting other web
sites to link to yours.


Re: 10 things I should do / 10 things I should not do

thierry wrote:

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I got 21 things for you:

Optimizing for Search Engines

These top 10 lists might help as well, but are not specifically aimed
at Google -- however, creating usable sites will help getting links
(which is very good for Google-optimizing).

Top 10 Errors in Web Design

Top 10 Positive Tendencies in Web Design


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Re: 10 things I should do / 10 things I should not do


get loads of inbound links
these inbound links should contain your core keyphrase
validate your code
make sure the site uses clean heirarchal markup <h1> etc
use links within your site that contain your keyphrase
make sure the first 255 characters of your sites textual content reads
correctly - it becomes your site description
make sure your <title> tags target your keyphrase
use text links for your main navigation
make sure your alt tags reflect your keyphrases where possible
have the page content reflect your core keyphrases, put the phrase in
between 4 and 10 times if possible

do not have pages containing no links
dont have dead links
dont give out links
dont spam i.e. having lists and lists of your keyphrases
use unvalidated code
dont put javascript inline in your page use .js files
dont put css inline in your code use .css files
dont do 100% flash sites - theres nothing to index
dont repeatedly submit your page, it doesnt to any good
dont worry if it doesnt work first time, you can try again!


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