1 word vs. 2 and 3 word optimization.

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Do you guys use different seo techniques to optimize 1 word search terms
versus 2 or 3 word search terms?  I seem to be able to do fairly well
getting better serps with 2 and 3 word terms but have alot of trouble with 1
word terms.


Re: 1 word vs. 2 and 3 word optimization.

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The more words you use, the easier SERPS will be.

The technique should be the same, no matter how many keywords you use.  If
your technique doesn't work for single terms, then it may be because it is
less than optimum or, your competition is greater, and if you are not really
"refined" on SEO, you will have a tough time getting to the top for those


James Taylor


Re: 1 word vs. 2 and 3 word optimization.

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I find single-word terms to be more unstable at Google - if you get a
result, it's prone to vanishing again.  

One reason is that single-word terms almost always have 2 or more
meanings, which affect the market.

For example, the single-word term 'masefield'.  It's a band, a poet, and
an energy trading company.   When link popularity was more important,
the band site was riding high on links between fansites, even though the
word 'masefield' wasn't at all well optimised for.

Then the algorithm changed, and link anchor text went up.  The poet
reigned supreme.

Googleshift again, and the energy trading company is riding high because
the keyword density on that term is right, and the band seems to have
disappeared altogether.

And that's on a term that isn't commercially competitive.

Incidentally, has anyone noticed that
www.thepensionservice.gov.uk/serps/ is at #1 for 'serps'...?  

Clare Associates Ltd
http://www.clareassoc.co.uk /
01822 835802

Re: 1 word vs. 2 and 3 word optimization.

On Tue, 02 Mar 2004 08:34:24 -0800, James Taylor wrote:

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My SEO skills are so bad, I'm optimizing for 5 word search terms.  ;-)

I am #1 for "wep encryption weakness hacking tools"  <grin.

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