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Re: #1 in Google

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Hi Jon,

I have no problem sharing my thoughts :-)  Just ask Pete and Andrew :-))


This AM we are;
#1 in Google
#2 at Yahoo
#5 at AllTheWeb
#1 at AltaVista

For "free seo tools".  Pretty good overall ranking.  Getting more serious
inquiries in the last three days than in the past 30 days from this site.

Don't always believe entirely in what Wordtracker and Overture tell you.
While they are great tools, and we should use them regularly, they never
tell the whole story.

Here is what I see based upon this ranking.

1.) Good solid Content.  Put plenty of good, readable content that people
will want to link to in the site.
2.) Good "interlinked" site.  Ensure at first that you link your site
internally so that you distribute PR to all internal pages evenly. (I won't
end up here but starting here seems to work). SEO Dave has good insight on
where to take it from here.
3.) Get plenty of IBL's from PR4 or higher sites, at least ten to start
with.  While lower PR sites count nicely, and over time are very valuable, I
like to get the PR4's and above quickly (Within a week) to get things moving
and ensure quick spidering.
4.) Do a nice job on TITLE and META tags (we have all said enough about that
here over the past few months.  I ALWAYS use DESCRIPTION, KEYWORDS and TITLE
and optimize each page accordingly. I have done this since 1997 and have had
top 3 rankings for every site since then.
5.) Minimize the OBL's from your site but do include a few to "authority"
6.) Don't obsess with daily changes at Google, if you do things right the
first time, you will get there.

We also have had a customer in the "home loans" business recently go to the
top three in almost all the engines (except 1) using these excat same
So it works no matter ho competitive the SERP.

http://www.AICompany.com - SEO, Web Development and Hosting
http://www.SEO-highrankings.com -FREE SEO TOOLS

Re: #1 in Google

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004 00:25:45 -0700, "www.seo-highrankings.com"

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Congratulations James !!!
I got there unbeknowingly, but it must be a much better feeling to get
there after what must have been a lot of hard work on a technical term

I am happy with #1 on Yahoo with FREE DELIVERY BLEACH
FREE DELIVERY FLOWERS is a proven common search term
there are 5 or 6 rivals below me who offer free delivery of bleach
which is a very good feeling

my first project, now I have learn't a bit about SEO is to have a good
place with GUARANTEED TRAFFIC, as this is what I deal in when it comes
to information technology

Congratulations once again, I may be in touch if I have problems with
Guaranteed Traffic, I like the way on your website, you give enough
free information to get the customer interested in buying your
services - as I will be concentrating on UK and African? customers, I
won't really be competing for US custom, so we can share a few secrets
and I may give you a link on www.bleachboys.com #1 in Yahoo

"True Faith is not just when you believe in God and yourself, it is when others begin
to believe in you as well" - Damian John Paul Brown 2004
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Re: #1 in Google

I hope you don't charge your customers when you use the free web page
ranking tool

It tells me a page I have is not listed when it is in fact #5.




web calendar software

 On Thu, 15 Apr 2004 00:25:45 -0700, www.seo-highrankings.com

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Re: #1 in Google

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You are joking, right?  :-))

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The issue is when you want to use the Google API, you need to hit their
server that they direct you to, designed for this purpose.

Unfortunately, it is not always in sync with their "publicly available"
We could have written a web-scraping ASP.NET app that pulls from the Google
website but that would be against their terms and conditions and we chose
not to go there.

Thank you for using the application though, and wedo appreciate the input.

http://www.AICompany.com - SEO, Web Development and Hosting
http://www.SEO-highrankings.com -FREE SEO TOOLS

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