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I'm running IIS with PHP 4.3.11 and I'm trying to get zip support working

I have installed the appropriate dll, it shows zip support in phpinfo() and
the basic non-object-oriented zip functions work..  however, if I try to use
the zipAchive class for object-oriented zip functions, I just get this:

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: ziparchive

It was my understanding that all I had to do was install the DLL, as
everything is built into that..  am I missing something ?


Re: ZipArchive on windows

Skeleton Man wrote:
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I think the object-oriented functions are not provided for your version
of PHP. You probably need a very recent version of PHP to be able to
use the ZipArchive object.

Re: ZipArchive on windows

please send for me Class ZipArchive . thanks !

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Re: ZipArchive on windows

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