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I can successfully open and explore zip files using the ZipArchive
class provided by PHP 5.2.1, but I get an ER_NOZIP error when opening
large zip files.  At least that appears to be the issue.

The zip files in question are over 2GB.  The zip file is created with
the latest version of 7zip using the -tzip command line handle, and it
is readable by both 7zip and "Compressed File" that's built into Win-
XP (though the latter is painfully slow).

Has anyone had this problem, and if so, what is the work around?


Re: ZipArchive ER_NOZIP

Could be a 64-bit file size issue. You could exec unzip instead if you
didn't mind calling out to the shell.

I haven't verified it, but could it be the ftell/fseek calls in
zip_open.c should be replaced with ftello/fseeko on linux and
_filelengthi64/fsetpos/fgetpos on windows?

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