ZIP file Extracting

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I am trying to set up a form where users upload zips, the zip is
extracted into their specific user directory and then the zip file is
deleted (These photos are then displayed on their userpage)

The problem occurs when someone zips a folder and/or uses mac osx to
create the zip.

The resource forks (files that begin with ._) get treated as regular
images, macosx also creates a folder in the zip called __MACOSX and I
can't figure out how to parse all the files into one directory

I'm using the pclzip library
( )

And it has an option to only get files that match a certain preg
expression ( PCLZIP_OPT_BY_PREG)

I don't know preg's that well, can anyone tell me how to write a
regular expression that will select everything BUT files/folders that
begin with ._ or __?

Also if anyone has had this problem and come up with another solution
I'd love to hear it

Thanks in advance

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