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People on this group were kind enough to point me to Zendmail for my
choir's mass mail-outs and it is working just fine. Recently I've been
asked if I can send out attachments.

I have RTFM at <http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/

It appears that I can use (say) Filezilla to upload the attachment: but
to where? The manual doesn't say. Does it default to the same directory
as the script? Can I use a path relative to the script or does it need a
FQP? Any easy way to get it to take the attachment from my Desktop
without separately uploading it? That would be neat :)

Re: Zendmail attachments

El 30/11/2010 12:50, Derek Turner escribió/wrote:
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The createAttachment() method expects a file name. So I'd dare say that
it doesn't matter where you put the file if you provide the correct path.

In PHP, relative paths can get tricky because they are normally *not*
relative to the file where you use them but to the location of the main
script. My advise in these cases is to:

1. Set a directory
2. Define a constant with the directory location
3. Always use absolute paths

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