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Does anyone have good or bad experience working with the most recent
version of Zend Studio for Eclipse?  I have been using Dreamweaver CS3
for static HTML and CSS site development, but now I am looking for an
IDE that does a good job of managing full site development and
maintenance for HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Zend Studio for Eclipse


I did not, however used pdt - which contains modules from Zend however iti s
a separate project. While I had some issues with it in the past, now it runs
very smooth and I am very happy with it

You need some time to setup the environment (the very first time), however
works on the top of what you got - meaning you can configure httpd, php and
mysql the same way you have in production and then work from that.


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Re: Zend Studio for Eclipse

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Ancestry wrote:
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well I used and still using zendStudio 5.5 (because i got used to the debugger)

Then I tried the new version and I have to say, that I really do not like the
way ZendStudio is going.
The ZendStudio 5.5 was for php and webfiles only. It worked, had the debugger,
ftp support, database support etc.

Now the Eclipse framework has support for a lot of stuff. It is a fine
framework, but really overloaded. It has stuff for everything which I really do
not need.
I just use this for PHP and nothing more.

I my opinion it would be way better no to use a 3. party framework and build on
top of this. They should improved the 5.5 software further.

But it is up to you.

You can also have a look at netbeans.
it has a similar approach as Eclipse, but you can download a stripped down
version for PHP.

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Re: Zend Studio for Eclipse

i hate the new zend ide. 5.5 was so nice, the new one doesn't support
line wrapping (seriously...), and is a general pain in the ass in

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