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Hi !

I'm new to PHP. I read that Zend Platform is an application server.
Isn't this the function of the Apache server ??

Also, is the Zend Engine the equivalent of JVM for Java/CLR for .Net ?
How is it different ? Is it installed as part of the WAMP/LAMP
install ?

Thanks !

Re: Zend Platform - app server


on 02/06/2008 10:12 AM Zeba said the following:
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AFAIK, Zend Platform is not really an application server, in the Java
application server sense, on which the Web front end make calls to Java
application server in the backend. It is just marketing speak.

What I think you can do is to use the PHP Java bridge extension to call
a Java application server. If I am not mistaken there are containers to
run PHP on the Java application server. In the end maybe the same thing,
except that it depends on Java.

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PHP code is compiled by the Zend engine into Zend Op codes (equivalent
to Java bytecodes and .Net assemblies). These op codes remain in memory.
Then the execute runs the op codes calling Zend engine code that
implements each operation. So it is very similar to Java and .NET JVM.


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Re: Zend Platform - app server

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It depends on how you define the application server...  And, for the
record, Zend platform works not only with Apache, but with Zeus and
IIS as well...

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Not really...  The closest comparison from the Java world would be

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There is any number of ways...  PHP can be installed as an Apache
module, as an ISAPI module with IIS, or as a CGI/FastCGI executable.


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