Zend Framework: Question about images and Zend_Service_Amazon

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I'm trying to utilise the Zend_Server_Amazon API in Zend Framwork to  
view images of search results.

        $query = new Zend_Service_Amazon_Query('MY-KEY', 'UK');
        $results = $query->search();
        foreach($results as $result) {

            echo $result->Title.'<br>';            

This example works great for getting the book title, but, I don't  
understand how to then get the image. There is another class,  
Zend_Service_Amazon_Image, which seems to be the ticket; but it expects  
the parameter to be of type DOM. Any examples of how to use this class?  
I wrongly presumed you'd pass it an instance of the ZS_AQ class.



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