Zend Dev Studio functionality questions

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I'm trying out a free demo of Zend Studio 4, and have a couple of
reservations. I was hoping I could get someone who uses the Studio to
help me out.

There's two things that the totally free programming editor Quanta+ can
do that I can't find Zend able to do...and if Zend CAN do it either
natively or with some plug-in, we're buying it.

But we need it to have some better HTML/CSS code completion or
quick-insert features. Preferably with auto-completion like it does
with PHP. It just doesn't make sense to us to use two different
programs, one for HTML/CSS and one for PHP.

Can code color coding be any more detailed than the 6 or 7 different
things in PHP that can be color adjusted? For example, Quanta allows
you to alter the color and style of over 20 different code components,
both regular and selected.

Any feedback?
Much appreciated!

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