Zend Dev Studio and includes, and HTML tools

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Two questions actually, I hope I can get some advice from people who've
used Zend Development Studio 4.

1. When I "analyze code", any variable that was defined in an included
file and then used later in the page being analyzed, I get an error
that the variable hasn't been defined.
Is there a way to have Zend dip into the includes and check for
variables in there?
Or, is there a proper procedure for redefining variables on a page that
were created in an included page?

2. Are there any add-ons or plug-ins that provide more advanced HTML
and/or CSS usage tools? Like quick buttons that can insert TABLE tags
and IMG tags, etc? I currently use EditPlus in Windows and Quanta in
Linux, and both have great HTML and CSS quick buttons.
I really want to use Zend for the whole thing, as I really wouldn't
want to switch between applications constantly.

Thanks for any feedback!

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