Yii PHP framework 1.0.0 is released

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We are proud to announce that Yii 1.0.0 stable release is now

Yes, it is! Finally an easy, efficient, and extensible Web application
framework tailor-made for PHP developers arrives, and that is Yii!

Yii is easy to learn. All you need to know are some object-oriented
concepts and PHP. You do not need to learn a new template or
configuration language. Yii provides a comprehensive guide and a
powerful command line tool to get you started quickly.

Yii is efficient to run. It embraces a 'convention over configuration'
philosophy to eliminate your configuration headaches. Efficient in its
use of resources, Yii is remarkably fast and has vastly outperformed
other popular PHP frameworks during comparison tests.

Yii is extensible at its core. It has been carefully designed to allow
nearly every piece of its code to be extended and customized to meet
most requirements. And extensible around the edges, Yii provides easy-
to-follow steps and guidelines to help you create components and
extensions that can be easily reused in your other projects and shared
with other people.

All of these ease-of-use, superior performance, and depth of
extensibility do not come at the cost of sacrificing features. Yii is
packed with features to help you meet the high demands placed on
today's Web 2.0 applications.  AJAX-enabled widgets, RESTful and SOAP
Web service integration, enforcement of an MVC architecture, DAO/
ActiveRecord database layer, sophisticated caching, hierarchical role-
based access control (RBAC), theming, internationalization (I18N) and
localization (L10N) are just the tip of the Yii iceberg. And, with a
deep community of members contributing by writing Yii extensions, this
feature list is growing daily.

Don't just take our word for it. The real fun is revealed by using it
yourself. Download Yii and following the instructions at
http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/quickstart.first-app to get your
first application up and running. It won't be long after saying "Hello
World", that you'll be shouting "Yes, it is!" as well.

The Yii Developer Team

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