Yet another PHP5 MySql install issue

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This thread is in various forms all over the web and despite trying most
everything in those threads, I cannot get this working.

Environment: MySql 4.0.18/PHP 5.0.3 from the MSI (this was all working on
PHP4) on WinXP Pro/IIS.

- uncommented php_mysql.dll in extensions section of php.ini
- extracted php_mysql.dll from the PHP 5.0.3 .zip and put it in
- set extension_dir to c:\php\extensions\ in php.ini
- added c:\php to the path
- copied c:\php\dlls\libmysql.dll and c:\php\extensions\php_mysql.dll to
c:\windows and/or c:\windows\system32

Still the closest I get is "Unable to load dynamic library
'c:\php\extensions\php_mysql.dll' - The specified procedure could not be
found. in Unknown on line 0"

"dir c:\php\extensions\php_mysql.dll" shows that file just fine

Any thoughts on how to get this working? Must I use the Zip rather than the
MSI? Surely there must be a definitive answer as to how to set this up?

Re: Yet another PHP5 MySql install issue

Use the zip download if you want to run PHP as an Apache module as the msi
version is CLI only. Also be aware that the directory structure with PHP 5
is different from PHP 4.

Tony Marston

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Re: Yet another PHP5 MySql install issue

As noted in my original post, I'm running IIS only. The PHP web page says
the MSI supports IIS. I'm assuming that means IIS can run it as it ran v.
4--i.e., it's not limited to use from the command line (CLI) under IIS.

I know the directory structure is different. What difference is why the
MySql extension can't be made to work with the steps I noted?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Re: Yet another PHP5 MySql install issue

Dick Watson wrote:
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My system is running WinXP Home SP2, MySQL 4.1.7, PHP 5.0.3, and Apache
2.0.52.  I used the ZIP rather than the MSI installation method.  I
followed the instructions in INSTALL.TXT to the letter, taking the
recommended or preferred options.  Copying libmysql.dll to
\windows\system32 fixed it for me.  Perhaps who should reinstall with
the ZIP file..?  Like you, I had previously used the MSI file with PHP 4
and things worked fine taking that route.


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