"XSLTProcessor class not found"

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On WinXP, IIS 5.1, PHP 5.04 manually installed from php504 win32.zip

I cannot get xslt and xml functions to run.
Most advice from dredging the net suggests enabling "php_xslt" and "php_xml"
exts, but these do not exist in 5.04.
In "ext" folder are folders "libxml" and "libxslt" both of which contain
subfolders, including "bin" folder in each, containing "libxml2.dll" and
Some advice recommends moving these two dlls to the main folder but this too
does not work.

Any help would save whats left of my hair :^(

Tony Bishop
New Zealand

Re: "XSLTProcessor class not found"

Download the complete php zip package and copy the xsl dll from the zip
to php

Check this link for zip download


Bishfish wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it
this too

Re: "XSLTProcessor class not found"

Thanks Mathew, using your info and some more I discovered;

move libxslt.dll, libxml2.dll, from the ext\libxml and ext\libxslt bin
folders to the php directory.

Here is the kicker for novices like me, check using phpinfo.php that the IIS
sever configuration pionts to php.ini in the php directory if that is where
it actually is (as recommended)! - by default it pionts to C:\windows - you
can change this after installation by adding variable "PHPRC" with a value
"C:\php" in your environment variables.

Seems to be working for me.

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