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I would like to share the xmltes Template Engine  

A program to generate dynamic web pages client-side with xml templates and namespace modules.  

Server Demo: https://www.creative-dollar.com/
Showcase: http://www.xmltes.com/showcase/

If you like the program, please email xmltes1[at]gmail.com  
or include an hyperlink to my webpage <a href="http://www.xmltes.com ">xmltes</a>  

Re: xmltes Template Engine

On Sun, 06 Jul 2014 13:24:20 -0700, David M wrote:

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In case you didn't realise, xml is going nowhere at the speed of light,  
and we've now returned to html following the failure of the 10 (or was it  
15) year long dalliance with xml web pages.

Denis McMahon, denismfmcmahon@gmail.com

Re: xmltes Template Engine

Denis McMahon falsified a quotation:

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Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses.

There is a reason why XML and XML-related techniques like XPath are still  
part of the ZCE PHP exam, and the reason is not that the people developing  
the exam are lamers.


The original posting would have been on-topic here if xmltes used PHP.

Anyone who slaps a 'this page is best viewed with Browser X' label on
a Web page appears to be yearning for the bad old days, before the Web,
when you had very little chance of reading a document written on another
computer, another word processor, or another network. -- Tim Berners-Lee

Re: xmltes Template Engine

On 7/6/2014 9:27 PM, Denis McMahon wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


Just out of curiosity I took a look at the site.

I'd rather just write the HTML.  Check out the example - but bring your
magnifying glass!

One of the worst "products" I've ever seen.

Remove the "x" from my email address
Jerry Stuckle

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