XML-RPC authentication

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My previous request for people experienced with CORBA found exactly
one, so from that I assume that XML-RPC is far more common in the PHP
world (about which I know little).

However, I tend to think that there are so insane drawbacks of XML-RPC
and the attempts of SOAP to rectify these merely creates more problems,
mainly due to lack of standards and interoperability.

What I'd like to be able to do (at minimum) is:
a) support 8-bit ASCII
b) support some sort of proper authentication, so not just any client
can get data from the server

XML-RPC does neither out of the box, but it shouldn't be too difficult
to graft these on. How have people here solved these problems in PHP

The server will be in Python, BTW.

-- robin

Re: XML-RPC authentication

I do not know about what kind of support PHP has for xml-rpc, and i could
not understand your question completely because you do not give any details
about your clients and the server, so you can ignore the rest of my post.

but i am just curious why you have decided to write your client, whatever it
is, in php but not in a language that has better libraries for what you are
looking for. i assume python has better support for xml-rpc, no?


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Re: XML-RPC authentication

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What is 8 bit ASCII?

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Huh! XMLRPC should by the fact that it is XML support UTF8...

$parser = xml_parser_create($XML_RPC_defencoding);

http://nl3.php.net/xml_parser_create :
The supported encodings are ISO-8859-1, UTF-8 and US-ASCII.

So it does support characters outside of 7bit ascii. But above code
sucks bigtime since all XML will be parsed as $XML_RPC_defencoding
(UTF-8): _BUG_

And to authenitcation: a sessionid. If request doesn't contain a (valid)
sessiondID, deny request. Client should get an ID first.

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