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Hi all,

I'm trying to build a sample XML-RPC using PHP,  but can't get the
sample working.
Can experienced users tell me why?

//--------------------------------------------- server.php

include 'xmlrpc.inc';
include 'xmlrpcs.inc';

function sumAndDifference ($params) {

    // Parse our parameters.
    $xval = $params->getParam(0);
    $x = $xval->scalarval();
    $yval = $params->getParam(1);
    $y = $yval->scalarval();

    // Build our response.
    $struct = array('sum' => new xmlrpcval($x + $y, 'int'),
                    'difference' => new xmlrpcval($x - $y, 'int'));
    return new xmlrpcresp(new xmlrpcval($struct, 'struct'));

while(1) {
new xmlrpc_server(array("sumAndDifference" => array("function" =>

//--------------------------------------------- client.php

include 'xmlrpc.inc';

// Make an object to represent our server.
$server = new xmlrpc_client("/xmlrpc/server.php", "localhost", 80);
// Send a message to the server.
$message = new xmlrpcmsg("sample.sumAndDifference",array(new
xmlrpcval(5, 'int'),new xmlrpcval(3, 'int')));
$result = $server->send($message);

// Process the response.
if (!$result) {
    print "Could not connect to server\n";
} elseif ($result->faultCode()) {
    print "XML-RPC Fault #" . $result->faultCode() . ": " .
} else {
    $struct = $result->value();
    $sumval = $struct->structmem('sum');
    $sum = $sumval->scalarval();
    $differenceval = $struct->structmem('difference');
    $difference = $differenceval->scalarval();
    print "Sum: " . $sum .
        ", Difference: " . $difference;

I have to run this code on Linux. Please tell me how to run the client
and server. I am using php client/server.php to run my programs.

Kindly let me know the solution.



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 You didn't post what error messages you are getting.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

 These aren't the names of the XML_RPC include files for starters, so go back
to the manual and copy out the examples again:


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