xml parsing issue

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I feel pretty stupid posting this but I just can't sort it.  I have a very  
short and simple piece of XML and I can't parse it, I have parsed xml in th
e past without issue but this I just can't sort for some reason.

The XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<RegionalFcst xmlns="www.metoffice.gov.uk/xml/metoRegionalFcst"  

A print_r of the simplexml object it is loaded into:

    [@attributes] => Array
            [issuedAt] => 2014-01-18T04:00:00


All I want is that"issuedAt" time stamp, but it's an attribute not an eleme
nt. I have tried a foreach through @attributes and got nothing. I am even t
hinking of streaming it through an awk script (hosted on linux).  I really  
would like to avoid that and stay within PHP.

Any help appreciated.


Re: xml parsing issue

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The manual is not very clear on this.  I think the problem you are
having is that everything you access is returned as a SimpleXMLElement
object and you want a PHP string.

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Re: xml parsing issue

On 1/18/2014 4:54 AM, Rob B wrote:
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You're close, your simplexml object is but it is an object, not an  
array.  You have to call the attributes() function to get the array
of attributes, i.e.

foreach ($xml->attributes() as $name => $value)
   echo $name . '="' . $value  ."\"\n";

You can access just the 'issuedAt' attribute with

$name = 'issuedAt';
$value = $xml->attributes()->$name;

(Note: when using a non-default namespace you will have to specify the  
namespace you're using, i.e.


Don't try to just cast the object as a string; you will get all kinds of  
extra stuff if other attributes are added to your xml object.

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Re: xml parsing issue

Thanks for the help, it's simple once you know how, isn't that always the case. Anyway I now have what I need and can dump my external call to awk.

Thank you both for the tips and help.


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