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I am updating a xml parser developed by a third party. The xml below is  
parsed by the system using the code that follows:

- <section id="officers">
- <section id="secretary">
  <section id="stakeholder id">15728499</section>
  <section id="name">FRED BLOGGS</section>
- <section id="director" type="current">
  <section id="stakeholder id">15728498</section>
  <section id="name">JOHN SMITH</section>
- <section id="company identification">
  <section id="name">ABC LIMITED</section>

 $extract = parseXMLForLtd($xml, $type);
  function parseXMLForLtd($xml="", $type) {
    preg_match_all( "/\<section(.*?)\<\/section\>/s", $xml, $reportData);
    $reportData[0] = preg_replace('/\n/i','',$reportData[0]);
    $result = $reportData[0];
    for($i=0; $i<count($result);$i++) {
      $item = trim(stripslashes($result[$i]));

 if(eregi('<section id="name">',$item) && eregi('<section id="company  
identification">',$item)) {
        $extract[name] = preg_replace('/([<][\/a-zA-Z0-9 ="-]+[>])/i', '',  

However when I try to parse a the other field called "name" using:

else if(eregi('<section id="name">',$item) && eregi('<section  
id="secretary">',$item)) {
        $extract[secretary] = preg_replace('/([<][\/a-zA-Z0-9 ="-]+[>])/i',  
'', $item);

It does not work. Could anyone please advise how I can extract "Fred  

Thanks In Advance  

Re: XML Parser

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Parsing hierarchical markup languages using regexen is an
exercise in futility, if not worse.


An XPath expression fetching the node you need would be:


...also, I submit that we all must honourably commit seppuku
right now rather than serve the Dark Side by producing the
HTML 5 spec.

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