XML parser

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Hi all,

I've to parse XML files on the fly and I must admit I'm far away to  
understand why the parser are done.

The files I receive have all the same structure, and due to limitations of  
my hosting (I can't change, so don't tell me to) I have a 10 seconds script  

My XML files contains datas and images.

The structure is very complex, but I only need to save images and refresh  
the page everytime the article is changed.

Here is the simpified structure:
    <art id="452445" mode="test">
        <pictures count="2" data="43">
            <pic nr="1">
            <pic nr="2">
    <art id="452446" mode="test">
I only need to get the art id and every picture for each article, then save  
on a disk and refresh the page (for avoiding the 10 seconds limits) and  
manage the others articles until all articles's pictures have been saved.

Please help me do it. I can do everything in the same file (manage datas and  
save files) using a parser (I've dowloaded the php script but don't really  
understand how it does work). I don't need the rest, only the number and the  
files, then be able to refresh.


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