XML or not XML?

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I am developing a simple MySQL database editor, and am looking into
creating an PHP/AJAX app as the GUI.  A lot of this in new ground, and
much more is dusting off things I haven't used in a while.  My question
though involves whether or nor to employ XML.  I did some XML a few
years back, but don't typically bother anymore.  As I see it XML is
great when I need to have an app with a standard data presentation that
other developers can easily interface.  I.E. like a bank statement that
may feed a variety of applications developed by a variety of clients.
However, if I am developing an integrated solution that doesn't need
that kind of ubiquity it just seems to add a layer of unnecessary
complexity without any added benefit.  I would like to hear some
opinions on the pros and cons of using XML for PHP MySQL apps.

Re: XML or not XML?

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JSON is certainly easier to work with from JavaScript. That and XML
are the two main serialization options as far as I know. You should
check out JSON.


Re: XML or not XML?

William Gill wrote:
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Not knowing details about what you're trying to do, it's impossible to
answer your question.

The question here is - what are you going to use the XML for?  If you
have a good reason for using it, great.  If you're searching for a
reason, maybe it isn't the correct way to go.

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Re: XML or not XML?

Jerry Stuckle wrote:

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Actually I think you did answer my question and confirm my suspicion
that encapsulating data in an XML document adds unnecessary layers of
complexity that should be avoided unless there is a compelling
overriding argument.  For example if the I am developing both the server
and the client, I can identify fields and data in any way that suits my
needs.  If however there may be numerous client applications developed
by any number of developers for any number of platforms, then
encapsulating the data in a standard, universally recognized tree
structure like XML may be warranted.

The question, though not very well stated, was generic regarding when
and if to use XML (one of many "the future of the internet" I have
encountered over the years) to facilitate data exchange.

Re: XML or not XML?

William Gill wrote:
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They really simple (and obvious) answer is, only put it in if you really
need it. As in, you are sure.

Wasting your time otherwise.

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