XML error when accessing a certain method of a wsdl service

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I'm doing successful calls to membersuite.com, and all is well.
So basically I can get a object by ID#

    $dude = $soap_client->Get($id);

I get back an 'Individual' object and I
can see all of the information therein.
Then I try their 'Save' method:


And I get this:

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [a:DeserializationFailed]
The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message:
         There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter
http://membersuite.com/contracts:objectToSave .

The InnerException message was
         'Element Value from namespace
         cannot have child contents to be deserialized as an object. Please use
XmlNode[] to deserialize this pattern of XML.'.
         Please see InnerException for more details. in
         Stack trace:
         #0 /home/toby/public_html/membersuite/-(115):
SoapClient->__soapCall('Save', Array, NULL, Array, Array)
         #1 /home/toby/public_html/membersuite/-(18): Membersuite->call('Save',
           thrown in /home/toby/public_html/membersuite/- on line 115

The actual code is more complex then this.  Here is a copy
of the class in a letter I sent to their tech support.


Thanks for any help!


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