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I am using xml_parse_into_struct on php version 5.0.3 and am getting
the error message "Reserved XML Name" (using
xml_error_string(xml_get_error_code($parser)))  while attempting to
process even the simplest of files.


<?xml version='1.0'?>
<book>A title</book>

I have been able to uncover the error code for the message in the XML
Parser which is:


I have also undercovered a hint that the code might mean an invalid
name prefix.

I am reasonably sure that my code worked before I upgraded my server to
the lastest version (though I cannot recall the version of php in the
last copy).

Does anyone know the exact meaning of the error code I am getting?

Could this be a bug in php or the xml extension? I have searched and
found some bugs in previous versions that related to the use of the xml
extension in objects could this be the case here?
Thanks for any help you can give me


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