windows iconv help needed

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I am trying to get " feed to javascript"
( ) to run on my
windows 2003 server. The testing script that they they provide gives
this error when run:

Warning: No support for iconv (--with-iconv) or multi-byte strings
(--enable-mbstring).No support character set munging.

at I found that "To use functions provided by
this module, the PHP binary must be built with the following configure
line: --with-iconv[=DIR].". Though being a PHP newbie I have not clue
what this really means.

I am running PHP  v. 4.4.1 and cannot upgrade to 5 becasue of some
legacy applications on our server.  

Any pointers?  


Re: windows iconv help needed wrote:
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I'd recommend scrapping the whole thing and using SimplePie -- for parsing feeds. I used to use feed2js, but I
switched to magpieRSS. Apparently this is much easier and better than
even that, and I doubt it'll give you errors. SimplePie, from what I
gather, parses the feed not to JS, but to  plain old XHTML. I plan on
using it soon, I just tried out the demo on my server and it seems to
work great.

Whatever you decide, good luck!


Re: windows iconv help needed

Thanks for the reply. SimplePie looks good and I think I may use for
another project. But for the project at hand I am looking for a way to
syndicate content. I want to be able to provide other web masters a
snippet of code so they can have our feeds displayed on their web site.
feed2js did this by generating the javascript and link.

Does anyone know of any alternatives or fixes for the original iconv

Re: windows iconv help needed

Though I never solved this error I did find CaRP
( /) that does the job beautifully!

one minor adjustment to the setup file, the creation of a couple PHP
files and 1 HTML document to test it all... Done.

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