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I am a student currently in an MIS program... Our teacher told us we
don't need to know any scripting or coding to succeed in our job or
program, but I still want to learn about coding...

What are the best books/sites/ways to learn C++, XTML, PhP or HTML...

I happen to also really like art, so I make art and have a goal to
make a really cool & professional website. I know illustrator,
photoshop, etc.

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maria.metty@gmail.com wrote:
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It depends on what you're going into.  If you're going to be a  
programmer, you need to learn how to code.  However, if you're going to  
be doing hardware, you really don't need the software background.

That doesn't mean you can't learn about coding on your own, though.  Who  
knows - you may like it and go into an entirely different area.

I'd recommend sticking with html instead of going for xhtml to start.  
Maybe start with www.w3schools.com for some basic html (php, also).  
Keep things simple to start, and work your way up.

I'm sure there are other sites out there - for PHP the one I use most is  
www.php.net.  But while it's a great reference, it's not a great way to  
learn the language, especially if you have no previous experience in  

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maria.metty@gmail.com contained the following:

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I was a teacher.  In my experience, most teachers have no clue as to
what is or is not required.  After all, if they knew how to succeed it
is unlikely they would put up with the grief that is teaching. (which is
why I got out).  Ask yourself, why is my teacher teaching instead of
pursuing a lucrative  web development career?

Furthermore, due to the inertia of the system, any qualification  you
achieve could easily be five years out of date.  One qual I was teaching
never mentioned CSS at all.

Competent web designers these days /have/ to understand accessibility.
To do that they have to understand HTML and CSS.  Additionally you'll
find it useful to learn a scripting language.

Your chances of success will be much improved if you learn these skills
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On 21 May 2007 20:30:59 -0700, in comp.lang.php

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To develop web sites you will need to know:
HTML: instructions for the information to place on each page.
CSS: instructions on how you want your information displayed/formatted
Javascript: for additional user interactivity with your pages.

I would recommend purchasing books for learning. When you are
selecting a book I usually:
go to a major bookstore that I know has a large computer section
if I was interested in purchasing a book on learning HTML I would
pick a book off the self
read who the book intended audience is (authors notes)
if this is suitable for my level of understanding
    flip open to a random chapter
    read a couple of paragraphs
    if I like the writing style then I short list this book
if I don't like the writing style or its not at my level of
understanding of the book then it goes back on the shelf.
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