Wierd SMTP Problem

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I have a crazy problem.  I am trying to send email through a server that
requires SMTP authentications.  So I downloaded PHPMailer.  I copied over
the class file and sample code and ran a test.  I received a timeout error.
Oh if it only ended there.  I am using PHP Designer 2005 so I decided to run
it through the debugger.  IT WORKED PERFECTLY.  Went back to the page using
my browser, and again, I received the timeout error.  I downloaded the PEAR
components for sending emails and had the EXACT same problem.  Run it in the
debugger and everything works.  Run it through the browser and there is a
timeout.  My guess is that Apache is screwing it up somehow, but that is
just a guess.  I have been unable to find ANY information on the web about
this problem.

I am running PHP 4.3.6 as a module on Apache 2.0.49
My OS is Windows XP Home

Any help that can be provided would be GREATLY appreciated.


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