Why won't PHP work? IIS problems

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Hello everyone,

I am having a problem getting PHP to work. I have an internal website
(company intranet) for which I need PHP available throughout.

I followed the directions on http://www.visualwin.com/PHP , except where
the configured PHP for just a directory, I configured it for my entire
intranet site.

Everytime I try to access a .php, the PHP code portion does not work. I
have a simple test page - " <? Print("This is a test") ?>. This page
shows up blank. When I view source it, I see the PHP source code. Other
pages, the non-php stuff shows up just fine.

This website is also a Sharepoint-enabled site, not sure if that is an
issue. I am running Windows 2003.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Why won't PHP work? IIS problems

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 The directions you link to aren't particularly good; they're for setting up as
CGI rather than a module, and miss out several of the possible additional bits
of configuration you may have to do.

 Try the instructions from the manual and see if you have more luck with them:


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 It may even be that you have PHP running but it has short_open_tags disabled;
depends whether you changed the config.

 <?php phpinfo(); ?>

 ... is a useful snippet to use whilst testing, as it dumps out all the PHP
configuration information if PHP is working.

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http://www.andyhsoftware.co.uk/space :: disk and FTP usage analysis tool

Re: Why won't PHP work? IIS problems

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the response. I think my problem lies with Sharepoint. I
made another website in IIS that doesn't use any Sharepoint stuff, and
enabled PHP for it. Everything is working great on that site. Has
anyone ever tried to put PHP and Sharepoint on the same website?


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