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Re: Why PHP?

On Mar 8, 2:14 am, clay...@gmail.com wrote:
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group. We've had a separate team working on an EMR system for many years on
 a Windows platform (using C# language), and it's still a big mess mostly d
ue to early but poor architectural decisions. I've been working on a (non-p
atient data) administrative data system for over 3 years on a LAMP platform
. The system I've developed, including the framework designed around the ne
eds of our team, is very stable, easily extensible, user-friendly, and mult
isite capable.
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ide out for it to be sustainable and viable for mobile access and for other
 needs. We need to get buy-ins from the .NET/C#/Visual Studio/Windows team  
as well as from our boss. A particular individual on the C# team likes the  
word "enterprise" a lot and still believes PHP to be a mere toy that kids p
lay around with to build Personal Home Pages. Apparently, he hasn't been ke
eping himself up-to-date on web development scene.
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n particular. I have a very strong, intuitive notion about why LAMP is more
 suited for web applications than Windows-based alternatives, and experienc
e to back it up, however, I lack professional knowledge about the differenc
e between the two. What page or what information would you recommend to con
vince somewhat that LAMP platform is better suited for web apps? (Or PHP vs
. C#). I have searched enough and pursued this information online, however,
 it is difficult to ascertain the objectivity due to salient biases and oth
er factors.
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o avoid any type of argument for or against a language, because it really d
epends on how one uses the tools to get something done, although the qualit
y of tool being used does matter to certain degree. The point of this exerc
ise really comes down to trying to convince others to use the framework I'v
e built over the years which is now capable enough to accommodate for more  
complex systems. The language I happened to use is PHP and the platform is  
LAMP. If I had started on JSP using Java I wouldn't be doing this, as my fr
iend in our Windows-platform team believes Java to be "enterprise-ready" bu
t not PHP. I'm sincerely asking the PHP community here to point me to some  
objective materials to help convince my (very pro-Microsoft) coworker and o
ur boss that LAMP stack is a VERY viable alternative to other proprietary p
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Have you looked at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VistA its a quite
advanced EHR/EMR system. Of course I'm assuming when you say EMR you
are talking about Electronic Medical Records?
It is very well supported in the open source community.


Re: Why PHP?

clayjar@gmail.com, 2013-03-08 08:14:

[PHP/LAMP vs. C#]
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You can not really compare C# to PHP.

PHP is full of "historical flaws" and started as set of CGI scripts that
eventually evolved to an object oriented scripting language. But you
still see its roots and strange things because of this (e.g. how PHP
deals with literals or the non-existing naming convention of functions

If you are familiar with PHP and it's "glitches", you may deal with it
and this may not be a problem for you.

But technically C# is often the better solution, so i would recommend
the platform mainly based on the experience of the people involved with
the project. If the team knows C# better then PHP, then stay with C# -
it's not a bad language at all and yes, you can create web applications
as well. If the team does not have any experience in efficient project
management (Scrum, Kanban etc.) and if the don't know how to do a good
software design, the choice of the programming language is not the major
problem anyway.

Arno Welzel

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