why is the $_POST variable empty?

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get the code found at http://www.inventory-management.org/
up and running. So far I've created the database, edited the
configuration files to include the database information, renamed the
fputcsv function to f_put_csv. I'm trying to log into the page by
using the suggested user/pass of admin/test. However, I can see by
placing var_dump($_POST) at the top of index.php, that when I submit
the form no data is in the $_POST array?!

When the action is changed to GET, the appropriate variables appear in
the GET array?!

I thought it may have something to do with the configuration of the
web server, but creating a running a test PHP script that posts a
variable to itself shows that variables, from this script, are being

Does anyone have any ideas of what may be going wrong?



Re: why is the $_POST variable empty?

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I hope you meant to say METHOD rather than ACTION.

If you changed the ACTION string, your problem is clear.

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Re: why is the $_POST variable empty?

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Yes, sorry, I meant METHOD :*)

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