why does this regular expression fail?

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Suppose I have these five lines in a file somewhere:

<p>This entry should belong to:
<select name="formInputs[id_of_neighborhood_to_which_this_belongs]">
<option value="">(No choice made)</option>
<?php getDatabaseTableValuesInOptionTags("neighborhoods", "id",
"state");  ?>

Suppose I open this file and read the contents into a string called
$string. Suppose I then give the string to this function:

function matchAllPhpFunctionsInString($subject=false) {
    // 11-08-06 - this is being called in importForm

    $pattern = "<";
    $pattern .= "\?php.*\(.*\); \?";
    $pattern .= ">";
    $pattern = "/$pattern/";
    preg_match_all($pattern, $subject, $matches);
    // print_r($matches);

    // 09-19-06 - there is no point returning a 2 dimensional array, so we
will make
    // it one dimensional.
    $arrayOfPhpFunctionNames = $matches[0];
    return $arrayOfPhpFunctionNames;

This function is suppose to find the PHP command. It works on other
pages, but not the one I've posted above. Why is that? Why would this
regular expression not find this PHP command?

Re: why does this regular expression fail?

lawrence k wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

In the pattern you ask for '; ?>', i.e. semi-colon-space-questionmark.

In the code snippet you provided, there is more than one space behind  
the semi-colon, ergo: it is correct that the pattern does not match the  
code snippet.

If more spaces are allowable, you can of course solve this by changing:
 >     $pattern .= "\?php.*\(.*\); \?";

 >     $pattern .= "\?php.*\(.*\); +\?";

Re: why does this regular expression fail?

Juliette wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks so much! It's funny, I stared at that for a long time, and never
noticed the extra space!

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