Why are session variables not working for me??

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I am trying to register session variables in the following way:

$_SESSION['myname'] = 'Burnsy';

When i set them and then output the following on the same script:

echo $_SESSION['myname']

.. it works, but when I navigate to a different page from the one that
sets the variables it doesnt remember them and I get an error message:

Notice: Undefined index: myname in C:\webserver\Apache2\htdocs\admin
\includes\include.AuthProcess.php on line 20

I have DEFINETELY remembered to use session_start() at the very start
of my scripts. I am setting the variables inside a class but Im
echo'ing then from the running script .. should this matter? Do I need
to do anything in php.ini or something like that? Is it maybe using
cookies for sessions? If so, I dont know a great deal about this ..
please briefly explian what I should do. Any help would be much
appreciated. Thanks


Re: Why are session variables not working for me??

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Of all scripts using a sessions offcourse, not just the one setting the =


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Nope, $_SESSION is a superglobal, so that should work

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By default, yes. With a transparent session id it can also be propagated=

as a POST or GET value (see the manual:  =


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First check wether or not your session is actually carrier over. echo  =

session_id(), and check wether it remains the same. If it isn't, your  =

browser probably ignores the cookie. If it is, something is overwriting =

your session. If you use the default session handler (files), check wher=
e  =

these files are stored (session.save_path), and wether the session files=

are created/filled.

In rare cases (concurrent requests/long processing time) it can be  =

advisable to do all your session work early on and call  =

session_write_close(). Normally there is no need though.
-- =

Rik Wasmus

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