Why 3 NGs for php?

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Why are there:


on the SBC-Yahoo (DSL)  list of NGs. Just curious.

Al C.

Re: Why 3 NGs for php?


I was wondering that. If you know how Usenet works, though, it probably
goes back to some obscure (flame) war about what's on-topic and what's
not. Or maybe the people who set up the alt.* groups didn't notice that
there was a comp.lang group available.
Looks like more of Texas to me.
.... Arizona, where the nights are warm and the roads are straight.

Re: Why 3 NGs for php?

PHP is now accepted as a *proper* language, so it was given a proper
newsgroup in comp.lang.php. As the alt.whatever groups are now deprecated
only Neanderthals still use them.

Tony Marston


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Re: Why 3 NGs for php?

Al. C wrote:

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Noone removed the alt-groups when comp.lang.php was created.


Re: Why 3 NGs for php?

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The "big 7" newsgroup hierarchies (comp, misc, news, rec, sci, soc, talk)
are centrally controlled.  New groups can only be created after filing a
justification and going through a lengthy voting process.  The higher the
group is in the hierarchy, the more complicated the voting.

The "alt" hierarchy is a free-for-all.  Anyone can create any group at any
time.  So, when someone is interested in a new group in an important
hierarchy like comp.lang, they will usually create an alt version of it.
Having an established newsgroup with heavy traffic is great evidence during
the justification/voting process.

"alt.php" was probably a mistake.
- Tim Roberts, timr@probo.com
  Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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