Whois IP search integrated into website.

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As a security feature of my site, I want the IP details to be recorded
in certain situations.

I suppose I have to use the Rwhois server to do this, though I don't
know how to do that. Of course I would use any server, but the only
server I know that provides the service which works worldwide, is the
Rwhois server. I don't know how I would connect to it though.

Network Solutions has a website and example code, but it is written in
Perl and CGI, while I need to use PHP. The link to the software
including on-website demo is here:

Any ideas/help appreciated!

Re: Whois IP search integrated into website.

Hi James

Why do you need to do a whois lookup for security?

I don't have time to write out a full script for you, but I can give
you some pointers that might help.

This page does some interesting things:
(source: http://www.colinhorne.co.uk/~colin/phpresources/dns.phps )

These functions might help you:

Also, try this on a box with 'whois' on it:
system("whois colinhorne.co.uk");

Hope this helps
--Colin Horne

Re: Whois IP search integrated into website.

James wrote:
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http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=ccm8hq $144@odah37.prod.google.com

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