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I just got asked to setup a LAMP box for a friend/customer. I am not sure
yet which versions of LAMP I should best use.

My initial thoughts is go with SuSe Linux and all latest versions, but
especially where PHP is concerned, I am not sure PHP5 is preferable yet. I
can't really say why, just the fact it is a major new version and relatively
unknown wrt stability/security.

What would you guys choose ? (The scripts that are gonna be run on the box
aren't very spectacular I believe, oldskool straightforward stuff, a weblog,
a small db application and some home pages with mailforms)

Your insights and additional tips and 'did you think of' much appreciated!

Re: Which version would you choose ?

And what about install both versions and let users to choose themselves?
Apache can run for example for .php files PHP4.x and for .php5 files new

I don't know SuSE much (I only used it on desktop short time), but in
gentoo it's possible to install both versions at same time. I also have
small box as my testing server and for few my friends and there is no
problem. Maybe for heavily loaded production server isn't gentoo best
distro (due to compilation, though all can be compiled on another box),
but for this small server should be OK. And maybe in SuSE will be possible
to install both versions too.


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