Which array function?

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I have a file containing only UNIX timestamps that I pull into an array with  


I need to get a count of timestamps that fall between specific times - those  
that are less than 24-hours old, those that are between 24-hours old and 30-days  
old, and so forth.

I thought about using array_filter and a function like this:

 function getlast24h($visits24h)
      return ($visits24h > TIMEAGO24H);

$last24h_array = array_filter($myarray, "getlast24h");

where TIMEAGO24H is a constant representing a timestamp of time() - 24hours

but then I cannot get any additional time segments (such as last 30days, last 3  
months, etc) - since $myarray will have had those timestamps filtered out.

I need to start with the smallest section (24-hours) rather than the largest,  
otherwise I could filter downward.

Is there a function that will do this?  Any examples would be helpful...

Thanks in advance.

Re: Which array function?

deko wrote:
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array_filter() doesn't modify its argument, since it is passed by value  
not reference. Therefore $myarray won't have the timestamps removed, and  
can be used again.


Re: Which array function?

Pass the array to a function

set a variable = to now - 24hrs.

Loop through the array and either build a new array of the values or
add one to a counter if the value falls in the required range

return either the counter or the new array.

This way you will not destroy the original array.


Tim Martin wrote:
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Re: Which array function?

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Thanks, that helped. Seems like these functions want constants.  I was had  
trouble with a variable.

Here's what I ended up with:

function getbaz_current($var)
 return ($var <= MAXDAILY);

function getbaz_new($var)
 return ($var < TIMEAGO30D && $var >= MAXDAILY);

$baz_current = array_filter($counter_array, "getbaz_current");
$baz_new = array_filter($counter_array, "getbaz_new");

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