Where to find php 5.2.6 manual?

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I'm frustrated past my wit's end.  The distribution I'm using (Ubuntu
9.04) only has packages up to php 5.2.6.  I'm fine with that, except
that I can only find the manual on php's web site for the latest

Can anyone help me by pointing to where I can get a copy of the 5.2.6
manual?  They've changed a lot of the functions I need to use, and the
new version of the manual is practically useless.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: Where to find php 5.2.6 manual?

TonyV escribió:
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There's only one manual, that roughly covers all versions from PHP 3.
Most pages have a "Changelog" table where you can learn when a function
become available or was changed.

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What functions have changed so much from 5.2.6 to 5.3?

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Re: Where to find php 5.2.6 manual?

TonyV schreef:
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AFAIK there is only one manual: www.php.net
For every function or other piece of information you can find notes if
there is some issue with some version of PHP.

for example: fopen():
- Above you see PHP4, PHP5, meaning this function exists in all PHP 4
and 5 versions.
- If you read down a little to 'context':
Note: Context support was added with PHP 5.0.0. For a description of
contexts, refer to Stream Functions.

You can find these kind of notes everywhere in the manual.

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Re: Where to find php 5.2.6 manual?

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There is no specific manual for a given version number of PHP, except
the current one as far as I know.  The manual does tell you what
functions are available in what versions of PHP though.

For example:


You'll see this at the top of the page:


(PHP 4 >=3D 4.3.0, PHP 5)

This mean that this function is available from version 4.3.0 of PHP

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