Where's the "real" documentation on PHP?

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My understanding is that Zend are the folks behind the one and only
PHP implementation.   Now that PHP5 is released, I'm quite interested
in using it.

However, the documentation avialable at PHP.NET suggests that it
isn't by Zend.   What reason is there to believe it is complete
and accurate in any sense?  (There's lot of user clarifications
which show that it isn't complete).

In particular, the section of PHP5 has parts that are simply
blank (e.g., Class Constants, etc.).   What else is undocumented?

Does ZEND supply accurate documentation, and if not, why not?

-- IDB

Re: Where's the "real" documentation on PHP?

idbaxter@semdesigns.com (Ira Baxter) emerged reluctantly from the
curtain and staggered drunkenly up to the mic. In a cracked and
slurred voice he muttered:

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Zend were the authors of the core PHP parsing engine. But the vast
majority of the PHP codebase such as the modular extensions and
functions libraries are maintained by others as well as Andi & Zeev
from Zend. There is no "True" PHP, the distribution from PHP.net is
the official article and any other distributions use the source
code from php.net.

If there is any documentation missing it's almost always because
nobody has gotten around to writing it. Theres no conspiracy on
Zends side.

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Re: Where's the "real" documentation on PHP?

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The official PHP documentation is maintained by the PHP Documentation Group.
Unfortunately it seems they're running somewhat behind schedule with PHP5.

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