Where can I find PEAR DB??

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I have a book which had code that includes the line:

require 'DB.php';

I know that this is from the PEAR code modules, but when I downloaded
them and unpacked the directory, they "DB.php" module does not exist.
Is this out of date or do I need to go somewhere else to get this
extra module?


Re: Where can I find PEAR DB??

David wrote:

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Download from here:

Online documentation:

Chris Hope | www.electrictoolbox.com | www.linuxcdmall.com

Re: Where can I find PEAR DB??

On Wed, 07 Sep 2005 17:48:52 -0500, David wrote:

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There is a command named "pear", which is package installer, similar to  
the "cpan" command from another language.
Execute "pear install DB" as a user who can write to the PEAR directories
and you should be ok. Here is the help for the "pear" command:

$ pear help Commands:  
build                  Build an Extension From C Source
bundle                 Unpacks a Pecl Package
clear-cache            Clear XML-RPC Cache config-get             Show One Setting
config-help            Show Information About Setting
config-set             Change Setting config-show            Show All Settings
cvsdiff                Run a "cvs diff" for all files in a package cvstag                 Set CVS Release Tag download               Download Package download-all           Downloads each available package from master_server
info                   Display information about a package
install                Install Package list                   List Installed Packages
list-all               List All Packages
list-upgrades          List Available Upgrades
login                  Connects and authenticates to remote server
logout                 Logs out from the remote server
makerpm                Builds an RPM spec file from a PEAR package
package                Build Package
package-dependencies   Show package dependencies
package-validate       Validate Package Consistency
remote-info            Information About Remote Packages
remote-list            List Remote Packages
run-tests              Run Regression Tests
search                 Search remote package database
shell-test             Shell Script Test
sign                   Sign a package distribution file
uninstall              Un-install Package
upgrade                Upgrade Package
upgrade-all            Upgrade All Packages
Usage: pear [options] command [command-options] <parameters>
Type "pear help options" to list all options.
Type "pear help shortcuts" to list all command shortcuts.
Type "pear help <command>" to get the help for the specified command.


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