when to use static?

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I started out writing a class wrapper for 3DES encryption called TDES.  
It seemed logical to declare encrypt() and decrypt() methods as static,  
so I can just call, e.g., TDES::encrypt("plaintext") without creating an  
object.  Then I wrote a class for outputting html (htmlhead() htmlfoot()  
htmlform() etc.) and once again I find myself just using static functions  
b/c they made sense there too.  Now I'm writing a wrapper for SoapClient  
and again I'm making call() and setCookie() and variousotherthings()  
methods static.  Is this idiotic?  Do I need help?  When is it proper to  
use static?

Related questions:

1) If I have a static variable, the scope is only for that http request,  
correct?  Other invocations of the script will have a different copy of  
the variable?  (I'm not creating several objects of the same class in my  

2) how do I initialize a static variable when I need to do more than just  
set it to some constant expression.  Right now I do this

class myclass {
        private static myvar;
        public static init() {
                myclass::myvar = // whatever


Slightly inelegant.

Re: when to use static?

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Use static when the method doesn't need access to object variables and
methods.  Put simply, if you need to use $this in a method, then it
the method shouldn't be static.

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You're correct.  This is a point of confusion for many people coming
from an ASP environment where (I'm pretty sure) static is static
across the entire application.  In general, requests to PHP scripts
"stand alone."

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Something similar to what you've done here.  Make the variable itself
private or protected, then have a public getter (just like object
methods and properties).  Something like this:

class Foo {
    protected static $bar = false;

    protected static loadBar() {
        self::$bar = 42;

    public static function getBar() {
        if(self::$bar === false)

        return self::$bar;

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