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If i have the following URI


what will the following be?


On my computer evaluates as 4. Is it guaranteed to evaluate as 4 on any
server with php? Where can i read specs like this? (As long as it is
always 4 then my problems are solved)


Re: what will this mean? CategoryID=4,2

*** petermichaux@yahoo.com wrote/escribió (16 May 2005 23:04:54 -0700):
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This is what manual says:

                * * *

When a string is evaluated as a numeric value, the resulting value and type
are determined as follows.

The string will evaluate as a float if it contains any of the characters
'.', 'e', or 'E'. Otherwise, it will evaluate as an integer.

The value is given by the initial portion of the string. If the string
starts with valid numeric data, this will be the value used. Otherwise,
the value will be 0 (zero). Valid numeric data is an optional sign,
followed by one or more digits (optionally containing a decimal point),
followed by an optional exponent. The exponent is an 'e' or 'E' followed
by one or more digits.

                * * *
In any case, functions like preg_match() or explode() may (or may not :) make
your code clearer.

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