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Re: What the hell is C-Sharp?

Jerry Sievers wrote:

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I just went to jobserve.co.uk and did a few searches:

"php AND london"                : 99 hits
"c# AND london"                 : 923 hits
".net AND london"               : 977 hits

I suspect the pattern would follow in any technology based city, and that's
why she's pushing you towards Microsoft technology. With 10x as many
vacancies, you'll find a job much easier if you have those skills, and
she'll get her commission.

I have no more interest in learning C# or .NET than you have, but I'm not
deluding myself that the rest of the world thinks like we do.

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Re: What the hell is C-Sharp?

..NET is small potatoes.

PHP is the single most popular subject on the web.  Bigger than
Christmas in December.

Beta Google search gives immediate results count in a little popup for
completions you type in

Using it did quick survey for results
PHP 768,000,000

I dont think the world is this big.

Need to put this PHP number into perspective
..NET 386,000,000
J2EE 3,410,000
Java 132,000,000
JSP 66,800,000
ASPX 68,200,000

Linux 204,000,000
Solaris 12,500,000
Windows 248,000,000
FreeBSD 11,600,000

Oracle 29,600,000
mySQL 36,800,000
sqlserver 1,050,000

Apache 42,800,000

Yahoo 252,000,000
Google 122,000,000
Dmoz 9,550,000

Ebay 143,000,000
AIM 41,000,000

School 189,000,000
Education 370,000,000

Iraq 59,000,000

BEA WL 1,110,000

XML 49,000,000
SGML 4,560,000
EDI 3,420,000

Programming 4,530,000
RUP 585,000
Hacks 20,400,000

And finally...
Christmas 87,900,000
Santa 69,700,000

I have to stop this, kinda like eating popcorn, Ok, back to work...

Re: What the hell is C-Sharp?

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I'm not sure if you're serious with this argument. It certainly seems like
you are. Try googling for "HTML" and considering the relevance of the
result you get. Perhaps we should all be switching to that?

The OP was talking about employment opportunities with skills in different
technologies. How often a name or acronym appears in front of Google's web
crawler hardly seems an important metric in that context.

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Re: What the hell is C-Sharp?

On 23 Feb 2005 11:13:01 -0500, someone posing as Jerry Sievers donned
fireproof bloomers and chiseled in the wall:

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If you haven't heard from the other posts, C#
(http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/">http://msdn.microsoft.com/vcsharp/) is part of MS's .NET initiave. It was
actually released to the ECMA as a standard in '02
(http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-334.htm ).

It ia - like Java - a semi-compiled language in that a binary IL is created
and exectued by a runtime.  Microsoft's thing is that a programmer could
write in any language - C#, VB.NET, COBOL - that has a dot net
implementation and have it run on a given platform.

It is all the rage.

We were just discussing this issue. I work with a group of roughly 100
programmers for a large county.  Although the majority of coding is and has
been done in COBOL, almost all of our client-server stuff had been done in
VB and then VB/ASP.

A large discussion is going on as to what language should be adopted as
"the standard" for future development. Because a sizable block of
programmers are familiar with VB - and ONLY VB - they are recommending dot
net be THE programming language. I've brought up Java, C++ and PHP as
alternatives, but this is falling on deaf ears.

In addition, if you look around you won't find many jobs with employers
actively seeking PHP developers, even though it is - IMO - more flexible
than dot net.

Mono is - in fact - a cross-platform implementation of C# dot net.  Miguel
de Icaza, who wrot Gnome, is behind this effort.
(http://www.mono-project.com/about/index.html )  I haven't tried it
personally, but I see it popping up more often.

You can see an example, here - http://sky-net.sourceforge.net / - this is a
recently announced MONO application.

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Re: What the hell is C-Sharp?

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Perfect Reign wrote:

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How is that vastly different from the following statement: A programmer
could write in any language that has a platform implementation and run
it on a given platform.

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That's because they, like so many others, are not judging the choice of
implementation language on the merits of the language itself and the
requirements of the tasks at hand but simply going with "all the rage".

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Are you kidding me?!? There are lots of PHP jobs, as well as Perl jobs,
Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE!

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