What PHP CMS to use for Web Deveoplment

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What PHP CMS to use for Web Deveoplment

Hi as of now I am stuck between Drupal and Joomla.

Any comments on which one I should use, or how I should choose between

Re: What PHP CMS to use for Web Deveoplment

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There's no way to answer that without knowing what you're needing the
CMS to do.  A little more information would be helpful.

Re: What PHP CMS to use for Web Deveoplment

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Are you actually using both, or just researching them?

Seems to me this is pretty much a matter of which one you find to
be more in following with your personal practices and taste. IOW,
try both and stick with the one you like the best.

Re: What PHP CMS to use for Web Deveoplment

tedpottel@gmail.com wrote:
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I'm biased since I have about a year's experience developing for Drupal, and
only a few glimpses of the admin panel of Joomla. I use Drupal for all my sites
and have never regretted it. But from the descriptions of others, there are
these criteria to judge by:

Ease of use for beginners: Joomla > Drupal. (Joomla has a more explanatory
installation wizard, and does more of the final setup automatically, whereas you
need to need to know what you're doing with Drupal).

Module development: Drupal > Joomla. Drupal's API is far more modular and better

Existing modules: Not completely sure, but I haven't seen as many Joomla modules
as Drupal modules around.

Theme development: Joomla > Drupal. Once again, I'm not completely sure, but
I've tried to theme for Drupal and it's unbelievably tricky to get into even if
you've spend a lot of time developing modules. People I've talked to said Joomla
was easier in that respect.

Development cycle: Drupal is cranking out new versions about every month or two.
Things are definitely moving faster there. On the other hand, you can expect to
work on compatibility updates for your modules with every major release, because
the API _will_ change (although these changes and instructions are documented
very well).

If you are or have a PHP developer (or a team of them) with at least medium
experience, I'd definitely recommend Drupal. If you need any kind of role-based
access and different user permissions, you _need_ Drupal. If the admin panel
needs to be understandable to someone who's never seen a line of PHP, Joomla
will be easier to handle.


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