What php book to use?

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I would appreciate if somebody could recommend a good book or other
resources on PHP
which would be easy to follow and to understand; and which would help
to build a web application from beginning to end. I have programming
logic experience and know JavaScript pretty good.

Thank you


Re: What php book to use?

On May 21, 6:48 pm, verabure...@gmail.com wrote:
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You will learn more quickly from more brief resources on the internet.
I find it easier to start to work with some basic knowledge and then
Google or ask someone when I need to learn how to do something new.

I skipped around in a PHP5 book at Borders once, I didn't particularly
enjoy the experience. I spent hours there and learned very little, I
read more figurative babbling than PHP information. PHP resources on
the internet are more concise and specialized, allowing you to look
for what you want when you want it.

Just start somewhere simple, like this:

And then start using it. When you hit a spot where your programmer's
sense tells you how to code something but you don't know how to code
it in PHP, it should be easy to find out how to do that with the aid
of a search engine.

Through this method you will be exposed to many different peoples'
styles of PHP coding, some good and some bad, by looking at their
examples. This will help you read and write strange code when you need
to, as well as develop your own unique style (PHP is one of those
languages whose code is like a fingerprint, there are so many possible
ways to do anything).

-Mike PII

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