What is the future of PHP?

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Hi guys,
i am a php professional, having nearly 4 years of experience in this

When i joined php, it was not popular at all in india, but now
scenario has been changed. Lot of jobs are available in india for PHP

Still, when i look at my friends who are working in Java / .NET, those
guys get very handy package than me.
I was always better in my educational career than many of these guys,
even my programming concepts are also more clear than them, bt on
salary based they are always ahead than me.

Big MNC's like Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Capgemini dont have projects
on php. Jobs are available indeed, but of low salary compared to other
technologies, those too in smaller companies. Sometimes I think I made
mistake by choosing PHP. didn't i?
I dont know, whether i am wrong or not.

Will PHP really get boomed? Will big MNC's  support PHP? Are there any
chances of this?

Please share your thoughts on this.


Re: What is the future of PHP?

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In my very unexpert opinion, PHP is here to stay.  The salary difference is
probably also here to stay.

1) Java is harder to learn, more versatile, more powerful, and has wider
application than PHP
2) .NET is part of a huge suite/framework package big companies don't mind
paying for

You don't even mention ASP -- which I would consider a more direct
competitor of PHP -- which tends to crop up in big companies as a legacy.

If I wanted to work for a big multinational, either on contract or salaried,
I'd learn Java.

Re: What is the future of PHP?

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This is probably the way it is going to stay.  PHP is very easy
to learn compared to Java and .Net.  Hence, lower compensation
levels for PHP developers.

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If you plan to remain a salaried employee for the rest of your
career, you may have indeed made the wrong choice.  If, however,
you ever go out on your own, PHP will be your friend.  Free
software, reasonably priced developers -- things that make PHP
a difficult career choice also make it an attractive platform
to build new products and services on.

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It already has.

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Not likely.  They are too comfortable with legacy environments.

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Yes.  Start-ups.  Almost the entire crop of Web 2.0 companies
grew out of PHP and Python movements.


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