What is quicker as Select?

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I read somewhere that to gain efficiency it is advisable to avoid the
use of select. But they don't explain why or what to use instead. Is it
true? I habe a problem of speed (better to say of NO SPEED) but I don't
know if it has something  to do with the use of select.
Waht can I use instead?

Re: What is quicker as Select?

bettina@coaster.ch wrote:

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Not sure, but maybe you misunderstood, and confused the above with SELECT *  
and SELECT column1, column2.

SELECT * FROM tblusers;

is slower than

SELECT userid, username FROM tblusers;

So naming the columns is faster than using *, even if you select all  
Reason is that the database has to retrieve the real columnnames first and  
replace * with it, before executing the query.

Don't expect huge benefits though.

Besides that: If you use * instead of naming the columns, and the columns  
you need are just a small subset of all columns, the naming of columns  
clearly will be lot faster because the database has to deliver less data.

Erwin Moller

Re: What is quicker as Select?

bettina@coaster.ch wrote:
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I assume you are talking about using SELECT * vs SELECT  
<column-name-list>.  If that is so the correct answer is that it  
doesn't make any significant difference.  Most of the time in  
database operations is spent accessing and reading data from the  
disk drives -- not processing the data once it has been read.  
(The difference is something like ten to one.)

The vast majority of the complaints about database performance  
being too slow are the result of not having indexes, not using  
the indexes that do exist, and failing to run the RDBMS admin  
programs that analyze the data and update the index usage strategy.


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