what is MD5

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What is MD5 its encryption algorithm...? am in php Mysql

Re: what is MD5

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I treat it as a black box that takes any string, and converts it to a 32  
character "encrypted" string that happens to be a hex number. The algorithm  
is fast on systems with 32 bit registers, and (for a while anyway) it was  
very difficult to "fool", in the sense of coming up with a string that will  
produce the desired encrypted value.
Mike Russell

Re: what is MD5

damod.php wrote:

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No -- it's a hash algorithm. Hashing is a bit like encryption, except:

    1. When you hash a really long string, you get back something
       much shorter.

    2. The conversion is one way only. You can't unhash.


                Garbles?  Shrinks?  Reversable?  Example
Encryption      Yes       No        Yes          GPG
Hashing         Yes       Yes       No           MD5, SHA1
Compression     Yes       Yes       Yes          ZIP, Gzip, Bzip2
Encoding        Slightly  No        Yes          htmlentitites()

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