What is a good Directory structure for homegrown MVC applications?

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I have been trying to determine the best way to setup a directory
structure for my homegrown MVC application.

What do you guys suggest?

I am thinking about doing the following:

+-- app
      +-- controllers
      +-- modals
      +-- views
              +-- smarty_templates
                               +-- product_type1_templates
                               +-- product_type2_templates
                               +-- product_type3_templates
      +-- util_classes
      +-- ext
             +-- javascript
             +-- vendors
      +-- includes

The issue is that the application has a pretty complex view system,
that requires themes and different page/form structures depending on
the "product choice" they make at the beginning of the application. How
should I set this up?

So in actuality I have two questions:

1. What is a good generic MVC directory structure that is easy to
2. If I need a complex view system with themes and different views
based upon product types is the above directory structure good?

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