What format is this ?

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I have a HTML file with these snipppets (from a system using XOOPS):

<div style="margin:3px; padding: 3px;">
<{if $comment_mode == "flat"}>
 <{include file="db:system_comments_flat.html"}>
<{elseif $comment_mode == "thread"}>
 <{include file="db:system_comments_thread.html"}>
<{elseif $comment_mode == "nest"}>
 <{include file="db:system_comments_nest.html"}>

It seems the PHP codes are embedded in a HTML file (please note, with HTML

How does the browser process this HTML file, or is it specific to XOOPS ?


Re: What format is this ?

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Most important, you should understand that THIS is a contradiction. No
browser will ever process PHP, this is always done by the server.

Your snippet can't be processed by the PHP interpreter. It must be some
syntax for a template processor.

Regards, Felix

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Re: What format is this ?

El 09/08/2010 23:49, sl@exabyte escribió/wrote:
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I see no PHP code here. PHP must be quoted with one of the supported tags:


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PHP is a server-side language so browsers do not even get to see the
source code. Also, the PHP interpreter does not care about file
extensions: it will parse whatever file you feed it with. Last but not
least, all decent CMS use a template engine. From the sample you post,
XOOPS appears to be using the Smarty template engine though I cannot
really tell for sure (their documentation area only displays spam...).

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Re: What format is this ?

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I checked out Samrty template just now, I think I have a better idea now.

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