What do you earn?

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I know this is a harsh question but I am at the start of my
professional career and I was wondering where other people in similar
fields are so I can decide what to do next.

So for those who are willing to share answers I have a few questions:

How old are you?
Where do you live?
Briefly what is your background and what do you do?
How much do you make? (per hour if you consult, per year if you are in
a full time job)

I suppose it's only fair if I go first:

I'm 23.
I live in the uk.
I've been writing code in one form or another as a hobby all the way
through my teens. I graduated 1 year ago with a degree in computer
science since then I have been working for a medium sized company. I
spend most of my day programming in PHP, Java, Javascript and MySQL.
I earn22k (~$35k) / year.

I'm good at my job so do feel quite underpaid. But I am willing to see
this through until the 18 month mark just to get the experience to put
on my cv.

What would you do in my situation?

Thanks for any information / advice!

Re: What do you earn?

On Mon, 19 Oct 2009 11:10:15 -0700 (PDT), Simon C wrote:
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Thank whatever gods you believe in that you've got a job. I've many
friends in the US making that that think they're
underpaid at that rate too, and they've got ten years of experience
being paid to write programs, not a year out of school. I've several
friends in the UK that would be quite happy to take that job away from
you, with even more experience.

When C++ is your hammer, everything looks like a thumb.
              -- Steven M. Haflich

Re: What do you earn?

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Amen to that.


Re: What do you earn?

Simon C wrote:
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You are totally underpaid.

There s a lack of IT coders in the UK, and with your polyvalence you
should be at the minimum around 35k£.

If you are graduated as an engineer, after 5 or 6 years you should be
around 45K£ or 50k£. If you are very good and code a s geek since your
teenage, you should bepart of some groups, starting to write articles
and try to reach the best level. A good team leader starts at 65. A very
good is at 100. I know some freelances making 900€ per day with PHP,
even if the average contract is between 200£ and 350£ per day. If you
become a very good J2EE contractor, you can double these rates.

After you can chose to stay exploited, this is a pure choice. But the
english IT business IS recruiting, as the Dutch one and the Australian
one. So put your resume on Monster. kick your ass a bit and go to pass
your certifs. Don't hesitate to move. and don't listen to those who will
try to keep you down. Just go ahead, if you have what it takes.


Re: What do you earn?

Simon C wrote:

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You multi-posted this to comp.lang.php and com.lang.java.help at least.

Please at least use cross-posting:
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